Plain flooded.
Apalachicola River, Florida

Poppy gon’ be jealous (at Apalachicola River)

Bury the dog! (at Sunny Cove Beach)

Corteza amarilla




Just back from another trip to the Rio San Juan in Nicaragua. I was lucky enough to be there when the corteza amarillas (Tabebuia ochracea) were blooming in all their glory, which happens only 4-5 days per year.

The field team escapes the scorching midmorning sun while awaiting transport.

El Castillo, Nicaragua

Our Soviet-made lift back to Managua.
El Castillo, Nicaragua

Cascais, Portgual

Kodak Portra 400

Happy 80th birthday Papa Jack!

Slightly before midnight on NYE.

San Francisco, CA

Piñhao, Portugal

Indifference to a low tide tube by one of the top 45.

Peniche, Portugal  |  Kodak Portra 400

Quinta Da Veiga, above the tranquil Douro River in port wine country.

Pinhão, Portugal | Kodak Portra 400

País Vasco, Spain | Kodak Portra 400

Traversing the dunes

Baleal, Portugal | Kodak Portra 400

backpacking in flipflops

Yuba River, California  |  Kodak Portra 400